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Quotes from Fans on The Outerworld

"I just discovered some hidden emotions deep down - thanks to your music. Drum & Bass in its most moving, emotive, intelligent, but still dynamic form. Gonna definitely keep my eyes and ears on your stuff. Big up, guys!"

Adrian (asx) Poland

"I have been listening to your stuff for some time now and really liking all the work... Especially love all the stereo panning/effects and filters that have been used.. They sound massive!!"

Azura, Britain (UK)

"Really beautiful tracks on the Outerworld player, I love this deep vibe, "Pulsar" & "CrystalForms" give me really chills. These oriental voices behind this groovy jungle liquidfunk beat... It's wonderful"

Oliver Synox, Paris (France)

"The tunes on here are awesome! Wicked deep vibes throughout. So glad to hear beautiful music like this is being kept alive, it's the only music i wanna buy, play and listen to." Mark, Britain (UK)

"You really capture that mid/late 90's vibe here. Reminiscent of something from 'Storm from the East'. Reminds me of blazing, spinning Photek, Blame etc. and being young!"

DeadKousin (UK)

"your music is so beautiful...it's killing me! listening to Stunna on the greenroom, thank you so much for lifting my day!"

Chemynne Portland, (USA)

"eXistenZ just blew me out :) good work, I'm happy there are still people who do drumfunk - the track is totally on par with the likes of breakage, seba, paradox etc."

Mikael Ishhanian Sofia, (Bulgaria)

"I haven't been listening to all that much DnB recently, but I've been loving the stuff I've been hearing from you guys. This is a real highlight - the contrast between the ferocity of the breaks and the floaty melodies and vocals is just spot on"

Aidan McGlynn, Aberdeen, Britain (UK)

"No words needed to describe this type of music. The whole compilation is already an epic release in the history of atmospheric drum and bass. No exaggeration!"

LK-J, Micronesia