Advection Music

Advection Music is run by Tidal & Galaxi; This trans-atlantic collaborative effort has been running since 2005. The label was setup to contribute towards the deeper side of drum 'n' bass; and to cater for the many subgenre's often lost & forgotten in the mainstream styles today. We're talking straight up atmospheric drum 'n' bass.

AM is a global representation of the scene, which continue to release quality upfront progressive music for your mind & body. With artists ranging from various backgrounds both nationally (UK) and internationally.


Introducing AM producer..Paying homage to the classic 'Good Looking' style producer series. These are some of the best soundscapes from previous years to this point have been unreleased on Advection Music. The Outerworld, Bass'Flo & Nemanoe have progressed their individual sounds over the years, paying close attention to production. This music which has been supported by some of the top names in the industry; and is now available in a limited edition 3 CD set. Deep, progressive drum 'n' bass with a few twists of ambient interludes showing the other side to the producers featured on AM producer 01.

This compilation also introduces Ziyal who features on Bass'Flo's CD, lookout for future collaborations from the duo in 2012. AM producer is a personal journey made by the producers shared to you...the audience.