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Ziyal is Ludvig Cimbrelius who also creates music using the names Alveol, Purl and Surr. His drum 'n' bass productions can be heard on the acclaimed AM Producer LP on Advection Music, alongside Bass'Flo and Nemanoe.

From the depths of the inner soul Ludvig creates timeless soundscapes in a range of breakbeat tempos, that we call jungle / drum 'n' bass. His first releases on Advection included 'Ionosphere' and 'Emerald' which was a collaboration guest appearance with Bass'Flo from The Outerworld. Since then, the duo have been creating deep music, accessible for any deep enthusiast. Forthcoming next on Advection's sister label 'Cosmic Origins' will be the highly anticipated debut release 'Timeless Travellers LP' with Bass'Flo. Already receiving support from Ulrich Schnauss, Aural Imbalance and Tidal, this be a great release for the year.

Ziyal has been working on taking his music live, which will be an integral part of the Advection Music nights. For the live show booking expect a unique live performance of deep textures for the mind and body...Look deeper for Ziyal entering a soundscape near you.

Ziyal - Autumn Top 10 - 2012

The Outerworld - Aurelia
Bass'Flo & Ziyal - Looking Back from the Edge of Time
Ziyal - Return to Essence (The Outerworld Remix)
Alaska & Seba - Perpetual
Blu Mar Ten - Cumulus
Hidden Agenda - The Sun
Goldie - Sensual
J Majik - Repertoire
Seba & Lotek - So Long
Motive One - Loop Progression

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