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Born in Birmingham (UK) Tidal Aka Wayne, has always been into music since an early age. Some of his early musical memories
come from many genre's including Reggae, Electro, Hip-Hop, Soul
and Electronica.

It was through his older brother, how he got exposed to fresh music growing up. 1995 was a pivotal year for Tidal, this was when he
first was introduced to the sounds of LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad. Through listening to a lot of tunes, from various mix albums like Promised Land & Logical Progression, he decided to venture into production in 1998, and then later progressed into Djing back in 2000. In 2008 Tidal’s track ‘Impressions’ got signed to Good Looking Records (A life long dream), which was released last year, and also part of a Fabric Live CD mixed by LTJ Bukem.

Since his debut release on Good Looking Records, Tidal's 'Impressions' has done the rounds worldwide, with DJ Support from the likes of Fabio (BBC Radio 1), Big Bud, DJ Marky (Innerground)
and Makoto (Japan).

Tidal - Whats In The Box..

01. The Outerworld / Bass'Flo / Nemanoe - AMProducer01 LP
02. Kredit - Ascending Red [Future Engineers Re-set]
03. Bass'Flo & Tidal - The Heavens
04. Ziyal - Nessus
05. Bass'Flo & Ziyal - Timeless Travellers
06. Tidal - Perfect Dark
05. Tidal - Piano Lesson
06. Turnz - Subtle Ties
07. Atmospheric Research - Four Last Things
08. Sinius - Bluewater
09. Kytel - Before The Storm
10. Purl - Ground
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