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New deep space Drum 'n' Bass duo, The Outerworld (Bass'Flo, and Nemanoe) represents the frequencies from deep space, planetary landscapes, synaesthetic visions, and inner-feelings. Their debut on Advection Music is just the beginning of the story, being featured on the acclaimed 'AM Producer01' LP the outfit have aready built a solid name in atmospheric drum 'n' bass.

As they continue to produce new visions for the future, for the live shows expect something cosmic and unqiue, in what they call 'The Outerworld Experience, this is the sound of Bass'Flo & Nemanoe.

The Outerworld - Top Ten

01. The Outerworld - Elysium Plantia
02. The Outerworld - ExistenZ
03. The Outerworld - Crystal forms
04. Nemanoe - Deep Flights
05. Nebula - Astral Soul
06. Tidal - Alphine Culture
07. Galaxy - Black Hole
08. Nebula - Ascapism
09. Bvdub - The Art Of Dieing Alone
10. Aphex Twin - Rhubarb

The Outerworld - Top 5 Classic

01. Nu Moon - Possible Worlds
02. Goldie - Inner City Life
03. New Balance - Reflections
04. Artemis - Sun Voyage
05. Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

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