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S.Oljaca otherwise known as Okee, is a well recognised music producer hailing from Serbia. Inspired by deep space travelling and futuristic soundscapes, he has been a long supporter of deep atmospheric drum 'n' bass for more than decade. As a DJ former of Deneb Sounds drum 'n' bass movement in Nova Pazova, Okee helped organise a series of events with a group called "Cosmic Sessions". These nights created a great response from the audience, and help develop the local deep drum 'n' bass scene in early 2000. Showering the crowd with sounds of Bukems Good Looking Records and Sub - labels like Looking Good, Ascendant Grooves, Nexus Records from the late 90's.

Over the last 4 years Okee has focused more on his own music creating deep atmospheric drum 'n' bass. Okee seeks inspiration from the universe and deep space explorations. Bringing you more
of that atmospheric space sound from the unforgettable late 90's.

Recently in 2012 Okee began a series of collaborative projects with Aural Imbalance,Tidal & Iriann Joyce, Eschaton, Kytel, Parhelia, Thesis, Nemaoe, NajeemS and Kicbea, With a release already on Omni Music, expect to hear more new music on Advection Music, Rotation Deep records, Reminiscence Audio and Monochrome Records.

Watch this space for more deepness from the original Stargazer...Okee

Top 15 - Classic Tracks.

01. Tayla - Dimensions
02. Seba and Lotek - Sonic Winds
03. LTJ Bukem - Rainfall
04. TQ 1 - Singularity
05. Second Vision - Italian Job
06. Aural Imbalance - Astral Forest
07. Future Engineers - Organism
08. KMC - Orbiting Probes
09. Voyager - Apollo
10. Aquarius - Dolphin Tune
11. Artemis - Elysian Fields
12. Doc Scott - Tokyo Dawn
13. Intense - Eastern Promise
14. Chameleon - Links
15. Motiv One - Cosmic

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