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Talented producer from Armenia Nemanoe has been in love with good quality music for years. Nemanoes main musical visions are about the old skool, any the kind of deep and emotional feelings. Drum & Bass is one of his favourite styles and more preferred for the making tracks, but he also loves deep experimental and different music.

Being a big fan of the classic tunes he have been inspired by the music from the labels such as Good Looking Records, Vibes Recordings, Outsider, Arctic Music, Covert Operations, Camino Blue and many more.

His been producing electronic music since 2008. In the late spring of 2011 formed the group 'The Outerworld' working with Bass'flo (UK). Already having tracks released on Advection Music, also expect further releases on Vibez recordings in 2012.

Nemanoe - Spring Top 10

01. The Outerworld - Existenz
02. The Outerworld - Elysium Planitia
03. Nemanoe - In Uncertainty
04. Shadow Boxerz - Awakenings
05. Bass' Flo - Jupiter Rising
06. Bass'Flo - Event Horizon
05. Scenic & Advisory - Moondust
06. The Outerworld - Prometheus
07. The Outerworld - Another Earth
08. Nemanoe - Sunbeams
09. Dgohn - Rhytmic Movement Disorder
10. Paradox - Paralexia

Nemanoe - Classic Top 5

01. Docscott - Tokyo Down
02. Saint Etienne - The Sea (PFM Remix)
03. Nu Moon - NooMoon
04. Seba - Soul 2000
05. Pacific Heights - The Sorcerer

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