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Absolute vinyl enthusiast, clubber and DJing since the 90's. Monatomic over the last 13 years has played at various events and venues across the UK and in his local area Lincoln City.

Monatomic has Dj'ed at events such as the Bloc in Brighton, the Volks Night Club and the massive Vibealite. Being used to the spotlight he has perfomed alongside the likes of Bryan Gee, DJ Sy, Basher and Xtrah, Vibes, Fergus, Rush, Mark EG, Brisk and Need for Mirrors.

As a Turntablist, his style of choice is rolling liquid drum 'n' bass and ambient, atmospheric jungle. Monatomic has the unique skill to turn his hand to most genres within electronic music and beyond. Whether it be house, hip-hop or techno. In a live show environment you can guarantee a delivery of smooth quality deep music everytime.

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