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Hannah Eve

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Hannah Eve began her musical endeavours just south of Horsham at Christ's Hospital, gaining a music scholarship to the school back in 2000. Her time there provided the opportunity to gain influence from her peers and tutors alike, whilst also flourishing in her own pursuits of jazz, choral and classical singing, as well as musical theatre.

Moving then to London in 2007, Hannah continued to pursue her musical aspirations, gaining a place at the Trinity College of Music where she trained classically as a soprano for four years, Excelling in all areas of her solo career, she honed her craft to the full extent, ultimately gaining a First Class Honors Degree in Vocal Studies in 2011.

Considering her classically based training and achievements, it may come as somewhat of a surprise to hear that Hannah's focus now lies predominantly in the Drum and Bass sphere. A love for the underground came to fruition through her own listening exploits in to Garage, Grime and UK Hip Hop and she quickly developed an admiration in particular for London's vibrant rave scene, applying her extensive vocal training to a higher tempo of sound.
Ms. Eve then began performing regularly at nights and festivals by way of Renegade Hardware, Supercharged, Heavy Signal, Simply Vinyl, Fizzy Beats, Launch, Hospitality, Echo Festival, One Long Weekend and Sun and Bass sharing the stage with the likes of Kyrist, Curious, M-Set, Rory C, ST, Deefa MC, Handy, Phil Tangent, Emma G and Collette Warren.

Time on the stage quickly led to time in the lab and Hannah has been busy laying vocals for a number of heavy hitters in the scene. A Portsmouth link and contact through the ever influential brother saw her start work with Drum and Bass crackerjack Lynx and Sly End EX in the summer of 2011. This connection proved to be a marker for other producers to seek the vocal talents of Hannah and her soulful, jazz enthused style, attracting the attention of Total Science, Hybrid Minds, FORREN, Paul T, Phil Source (Source Direct), M-Set, Tidal, Madcap, Phil Tangent, Level 2, Utah Jazz and Anile, with whom the hotly anticipated 'All This Time' met all expectation back in July '13 on Deepkut, sister label of C.I.A. The 'Summer Love' single featuring M-Set has also done the business on the Liquid Tones imprint earlier this year, with Hip hop tracks from Influx and Critical new boy Shiver set into motion.

Her sound, in essence, emulates a combination of the singers that have influenced her, from Ella Fitzgerald, Annie Ross and Submotion Orchestra's Ruby Wood to Eva Cassidy, Amy Winehouse and Tori Amos. A 'sui generis' blend of classical expertise, soulful, heartfelt vocals, all coupled with a real passion for club vibes and audience connection has ensured a soothing addition to whatever outlet Hannah has applied her voice too. 

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