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Having been key players in the drum 'n' bass scene since their debut release on Renegade Recordings back in 1997. Lee Batchelor and Kier Cleminson over the years have developed a unique sound pushing the boundaries of Deep Tech drum 'n' bass.

They released on Partisan Recordings with Life Support/Cerulean Seas, which pioneered a new futuristic vision. Later this sound made them a big influence in the scene during the 1999-2003 era on LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records, Blame's 720 Degrees Label, PHD's Ascendant Grooves and Tayla's Nexus Records.

Tracks were also featured on LTJ Bukems 'Progression Sessions' mix compilations and MC Conrads Logical Progression Level 4 LP.

During the Mid 2000's they also produced key releases for Camino Blue, ASC's Covert Operations label and Subject 13's Vibez imprint. 'Bionics' from Future Engineers was the first release on Electrosoul systems label KosMos Music based in Russia.

15 years deep, today Future Engineers can be heard on their own Transference Recordings imprint, tracks of which have been supported by some of the top names in the industry. With a rich discography already in play, Future Engineers continue to produce cutting edge drum 'n' bass, with hard edged techno and atmospheric influences. Fully focused on the next forthcoming projects. Expect to see more and hear more in 2012.










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