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"In early '91 is when i first started having a go at mixing on Technics at my brothers friends house, thingslike Mentasm, Energy flash (Beltram) early R&S records, Frank de wulf, Homicide (shades of rhythm), F*ck the Legal stations (Shut up and dance). The Phantom (Renegade Soundwave) Kirks nightmare (4hero) At this point I really got into the early hardcore sound and was hooked. My brother was going to raves around this time and was also recording old pirate stations like Rave FM and getting loads of tapes from DJs like Grooverider, Fabio, Mickey Finn, Top Buzz, Sasha, Carl Cox, Doc Scott, DJ SS and More.

Then on into 92 I was still listening to lots of rave tapes, this is when I first heard LTJ BUKEM at Dreamscape 4 he was dropping things on labels like Reinforced, Ibiza, early lucky spin, and that was it !! For me he was the DJ above all others that I would follow right up until the present day, all through the early 90s his sets could not be bettered by anyone else. He introduced me to the deeper sounds and early forms of drum and bass from producers like DJ Crystal, Peshay, forces of nature, Bizzy b, Invisible man, Foul Play, Omni trio, Jmj & Richie, Tayla, Photek, Source Direct, Total Science, Wax Doctor, Pfm and loads more."


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