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Central Projection was originally formed back in 2004 in an effort to put on regular 'deep and progressive' drum 'n' bass nights in the Birmingham area.
It is now an off-shoot night by the Advection Music Group.

The intention was never to become promoters, but in effect we had to create a scene to play out at.

This resulted in putting on a string of successful nights, franchises and
guest appearances at other nights, with some of the top names in the
scene, including playing alongside: LTJ Bukem & MC Conard, Fabio,
Future Engineers, Blame, Makoto & Deeizm, Big Bud, A-Sides, Blu Mar Ten, Nookie, MC DRS, Pariah, Pete Rann, Eveson and Artificial Intelligence.

The Central Projection crew in 2014 consists of Tidal, Soul Objective, Donic, Bass'Flo, Iriann Joyce, MC Smilee, Planet B. With successful tour dates over the last few years in America, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Mexico, Switzerland, Poland and Germany...

...Were set to take this sound...Anywhere.

This is only exclusive drum 'n' bass night of its kind, exclusive sets and tracks from the Advection camp.

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