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DJ and producer born in Madrid based in London.

He was greatly influenced while growing up by the musical environment at home and by the constant influx of the musicians that surrounded his family. This familiar musical atmosphere allowed him to develop his love for music and an interest for collecting musical records.

His influences range from styles like Jazz, Funk & 70s Soul to the electronic sounds of the early 90s in cities like Detroit, London or Bristol.

He started as DJ in 2000, experimenting at this early stage with various styles that define his current way of understanding music. It would be a little later when meeting a British producer would awaken his interest in the organic side of Drum and Bass, giving his first steps in the production of this genre.

In 2010 he decided to create along with his two associates his own label "Black Reflections Records”, where you can find some of the artists that are making banners at the DnB scene.

His music has been aired on all manner of online and FM radio stations (BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra (UK), RNE (SP), Radio 3 (SP) ) and is being supported by the likes of LTJ Bukem, DJ Marky, Fabio, Friction or Nookie to name a few. You can find their tracks in labels such as Good Looking (UK), Black Reflections (SP), Innerground (BR), Telluric (USA), Phuzion (UK), Fokuz-Expressions (NL), Soul Deep (USA) or Sheer Velocity (UK).

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